After a long and busy summer it is always good to get together with the big family of YWAM Romania and to be able to have time to listen to God for what He has for us as YWAM Romania and also to be able to share things that are happening in our bases and ministries and to have fellowship with new people.
This time for us was a very refreshing time to listen to what God has for us and also to invest in the relationships with people that we haven’t seen for a long time.
YWAM Cluj was amazing, hosting over 70 people at one place, the base did a great job and they where very creative. At the conference around 120 people took part. They managed very well to logistical organise this meeting, and that everyone could really feel welcomed and well on the base. 
Dan Baumann, has inspired all of us to live 100% for God and to really enjoy our relationship with Jesus, that it is a an exciting journey to walk with Him every steps, even if sometimes we don’t understand why we go through times of trial, but God is with us all the time. 
-Benjamin Simion
 YWAM Romania

Here are some pictures from our time together…