Imagine waking up at 7 am. The light coming in through the two broken windows to your one room “house” is already hot. You are one of five people sleeping in the same bed with hardly any room to move. Time to get up. What will you do today? Help your father go through the trash to find scraps of metal to sell? Go begging in the street to make just a bit of money so that your family can eat that day? You would like to go to school but you know that you don’t have a decent pair of shoes, let alone clean clothes that are nice enough to make you socially acceptable to the other children. And how could you ever manage to sit at a desk for four hours without having had anything to eat in the morning? You usually eat just one meal a day. But what is the point of going to school anyway? Your parents never went to school. They don’t know how to read or write and they are doing just fine, aren’t they?

This scenario is not far from the reality that many of the children we know face every day. Although the children in the neighborhood where we work come from families with differing home situations, the poorest live like this- surviving day to day with little hope of anything changing in the future.

After many years of having a weekly club with these children, we decided this year that we needed to support our children in going to school. Our desire is not just to see them succeed in their schooling but also that each child will grow in a real relationship with Jesus and seeing that transform every bit of their lives. To this end we share the Gospel continually with the children and encourage them to follow God’s good plan for them. He is the ultimate hope for a better future and He is the One with power to change even the hardest situations. Please join us in prayer for the transformation of these precious lives!

-YWAM Constanta, Romania