In March, our YWAM Constanta community hosted a two-week course on working with children at risk. The course is called the “Celebrating Children Workshop” and is taught by a passionate group of people from Loom International, a ministry of YWAM. This group is committed to supporting caregivers of children at risk all around the world by providing training, resources, and counsel.

The course covered important topics such as understanding the needs of a child, how to really listen to children, and how to help them become resilient and healthy adults despite the challenges in their lives.  We were delighted to have 23 participants, not only from our YWAM base but also from other ministries in Romania and Bulgaria, and staff from the girls and boys group homes we partner with here in Constanta.  Many were inspired, strengthen in their roles as caregivers, and challenged to raise their standard of care for the children they work with.

Here is what some of the participants said about the CCW:

“It was an amazing 2 weeks where I learned about myself and how I behave in different situations and about the kids I work.” -Alex, YWAM Constanta

“[The CCW] was interesting and I learned many news things, especially how to understand, relate to, and communicate with the children I work with at our home for girls.” -Madi, Project Romania Rescue

“The workshop in Romania was informative and just plain fun. Janna Moats and her team from Loom in Portland, did such a good job of giving valuable information and combining it with creative activities. The days went quickly and every day I kept thinking of how many people could benefit from this important information. Although, the workshop is intended for cross-cultural workers, I could see many applications for parents and caregivers in my small community. I look forward to going home and sharing with people in the community who are active in making Barstow a better place to live.”

-Cheryll Young

For more information about Loom International and the Celebrating Children Workshop, visit their website:

-Leah Lewis
YWAM Constanta