We had an amazing time together with the field of Europe in Albania. So many great people, so much great time on the beach, so much great input as well.

Martha encouraged us to go forward with wisdom even when there is a cost. Reona Joly Peterson and Evey Muggleton Heckman talked about how God is faithful even in the most harrowing and difficult of circumstances, sharing how God delivered them when they were told “Tomorrow You Die”.

I felt personally challenged to remember the cost of our calling – like parenthood and living in community, things are often inconvenient and difficult as we engage in what God is calling us to.

I was also again reminded that we must remain loyal and faithful to what God has asked us to do- like the words that the Lord emphasized to us at Vajta last year as Darlene challenged us to be “God loyal” – regardless of circumstances.

How are we stewarding our call? How are we stewarding it even when things get difficult?
I am seeing a trend here- there is a cost, God is faithful and He calls us to big things- bigger than what we think we can do! Have we done something bigger than we thought we could lately?
The Central European area is so full of faithful people. Let us continue to return to God’s words to us, even the ones from a while back. Let us continue to evaluate and make sure we are aligned to His call, ways and character.

We have so much great stuff that God has given us, and we serve such an amazing, faithful and loving Father. Whatever our circumstances- let us ask the Lord to continue to reveal His ways to us and remind us of things that He has said that are still important for now, let us also understand Him more as a loving Father.

We have seen how God has been faithful through the wild ride we, as a family, have been through these last couple of months with many tests for us while packing and relocating to the US for the coming year. Rachel’s novel “Ascension of Larks” was released on the 20thof June and we look forward to seeing what God will do with it! Thanks for all your prayers for us in this transition season.

Blessings to you guys from Seattle!

Yohanan Rempt