Hello, dear friends, 
In June – July we hosted a King’s Kids team from El Paso, Texas. These young people helped us run a youth missions camp, here in Poland. Altogether we were 62, leaders and participants, Polish and Americans. We spent a week of training. Then we split into 3 smaller teams and went on outreaches to 3 different cities. One of the cities was Rzeszow where our family lives and our church hosted our team.

Before we got to Rzeszow, we prayed as a team for our time there. One little girl saw a vision of our group standing on a square and singing worship songs. One night, our schedule was changed and we felt that we needed to go outside and sing worship. As we arrived to this square (randomly picked), the little girl said it looked exactly like the place from her vision! That night we got to share about Jesus with 3 young people and they were open to continue contact. Also during that week a team of young people had a Kid’s Klub and 5 kids gave their lives to the Lord, they shared about God’s hope in an elderly home and the young missionaries also led a church service. Some shared deep and powerful testimonies. Our church leaders have shared that they were pleasantly surprised to see the youth serving God, at such a young age. Our heart and prayers is that our church catches the fire for getting to know God deeper and reaching out to community. There was a lot of planting and sowing in Rzeszow

We met with our pastor about follow up steps to reach out to the community and training missionary strategies. He supported the idea of introducing ‘Mission Bridge’, a shortened version of DTS, to the church. This will be a one-month meeting for people who desire to learn and practice reaching out to the community. We will meet one Saturday a month for times of worship, sharing and discussion, prayer, hearing God, sharing a meal together, reaching out to the city with debrief and for celebrating what the Lord has done. Our desire is for these meetings to gradually grow and to become more frequent and hopefully to have a whole missions camp in summer with an outreach in the nearby town. 
This is a completely new thing for us to organise and for the church people to participate in. Please, pray as we prepare and take off!
This summer, with great joy we’ve seen our two sons making steps in serving on their own. Sasha took the challenge of raising finances for the 2 camps he felt he should be part of. He experienced God’s provision and we saw his face light up when he shared stories of evangelizing people on the streets. Tolik chose to help cook at missions camp, he did it with contentment and we’ve seen him really grow in his gift of serving. Thanks to your prayers and support so our family can do this!

Blessings, Roman and Tamara Statkiewich