One area that the Bulgarian and European church neglects or ignores is the plight of abandoned and single mothers caught in abuse and trafficking. Much of the church views them as second-class people.

This is one area where we should think of the story of the “Good Samaritan.” In Western Europe there are about 600,000 legalized female prostitutes, and most of them started this work due to the pressures of poverty or because of pressure from pimps. Statistics show that 12% of the prostitutes in Europe are from Bulgaria, that is nearly 72 thousand girls, and a large percentage of them are of Roma origin. So, it is important to work in many directions to stop this evil spiritual power.

Anti Trafficking

We do this by:

  1. Caring for single, abandoned mothers.
  2. Providing practical care
  3. Providing spiritual and emotional support
  4. Seeking to enable equality with other people.
  5. Prevention of prosttuton.
  6. Strong outreach and practical ministries among young families.
  7. Preparing youth for healthy, godly premarital relationships.
anti trafficking

Anyone who has a vision, passion, calling or  motivation, please contact me to discuss how we can develop common processes and ideas to develop this SOS ministry.

The need is acute and vast. In the last few years, it has been increasing and most people are getting used to this problem and accepting it as normal. The level of sin and filth is growing, and it is important to have faith in these circumstances. We are very thankful to God for Veronika Schürle of the Anti-Traffic ministry of Esther Ministries, Germany. We have been communicating for several months and she has been helping us to see how serious the problem is among Women caught in the exploitation of sexual and domestic violence in Bulgaria. She has a big heart for developing and helping this contingent of women.

There is a need to join forces and faith for blessings and peace to come to this area. For those of you who need to know more specifics, or desire assistance in various areas of Anti -Trafficking please contact Veronica personally at email

Radko Kratsov

Radko is married to Nevin, and together they have two wonderful girls, Siana and Debora. They live and work in Sliven, Bulgaria.
Radko did his DTS in 1996 in Chepelare, Bulgaria. His main focus is leadership training within the Roma community. He is part of the leadership team of YWAM Bulgaria and a part of the ACT in Europe.