To me Christmas means hope and joy brought by God through Jesus to the world. It is the celebration that changed my life 15 years ago, when I decided to receive Him in my heart.
This Christmas, with the help of ELS Cluj team, we shared the message of Hope with 37 children and teenagers from Branza village and we broth joy giving them Christmas gifts. Most of them are coming from poor families with many needs and difficult situations. I was encouraged by a teenage mom when she told me that what we are doing is good and to not stop and then she asked me from where does this desire come,  to continue to serve and show love to these children and teens. I answered that it is the result of constant relationship with Jesus and als0 the teamwork.

We also visited the Single Mother Center from Cahul. There is a place where hardly you can see a smile and is a big need of Jesus and hope. Togeter with Ionela, my colleague, we broght a smile and wanted to reminf them that they are not forgotten by God, but he loves them and He is taking care of them.  Besides the gifts, we have given them and the love of Jesus that we could share, we have listened and encouraged them.

This is our mission every day to go and show love, bring hope and joy of Jesus in such places where there is great need.