Some weeks ago Drive 2013 took place, with leaders from Central Europe. It was an amazing time, with great speakers like Stephe Mayers  and Loren Cunningham. We can look back on some deep insightful teaching, good interaction times and just a great time of fellowship.

Times like these are so precious to us, a time of great leaders investing in a new and young generation. Words of wisdom, insights and small takeaways with people that have gone before you.

The question that I am left with is this.  Do we take time to invest in our self development or are we to busy to do what…

If we don’t grow our ministries and work we will stay the same and our ministry will eventually collapse and so will we!

The time of investment is so important and the leaders I meet that are not doing too great have often missed this part of self investment. They stopped growing because they are too busy, not taking the time for it.
How can I say that you might ask?  Because I’ve been there, I’ve done that and I know the pain that you go through when your lack of investment is sucking the life out of you.

Leaders are learners and leaders are investors first in themselves, then in their team and the people they lead.

So when are you planing a time of investment in your life? Take time off, time for investment…a time of going deeper and getting good input. I hope you have it in your agenda…

Till next time, invest in your self development.

Rune Sæther

YWAM Constanta Base leader

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