The year 2020 has been a very different year for all of us so far, and will continue to be different. Our ministry with the after-school-program  and plans for the summer camps could not continue in the usual way. But, during the very intense season of the corona virus, the ministry team  has provided hundreds of food packages for our after school kids and their families We didn’t have any visiting teams to do practical work, so we decided to start to trust local roma workers to build with us, and for us even more than usual. Three roma people built a house in the roma community for one of our first boys from the after school project. The boy is now 20 years old. During the time of building they are being supervised by one of our Restore workers, and it has gone very well. In addition we continue to build our education center in Seleus and we also started a gardening project in our community centre with a local roma family to encourage them to grow their own vegetables. 

On the 15th of June we will also restart our after school programs in small teams. For the summer we are planning small summer camps, day camps and inviting families from the communities to Prod. We also want to do outings with our kids from the after school programs, for example going to the zoo. We still have a lot of small building projects, that we are working on in small teams. It is going to be a very different summer than usual, but we trust God for a fruitful time with a more personal aspect than normal with the roma kids and their families.

Helga, YWAM Romania