August 25th – 28th 2017 we convened the first time of intercessory prayer in Bulgaria for the Roma people in Europe. We had people from 5 countries – Bulgaria, Germany, Australia, USA, Serbia. There were more than 50 pastors and leaders of ministries among the Roma.

One of the most difficult things at this event was that not all Roma pastors from the Balkans managed to come. But I believe these activities will continue happening in the future.
The main points for intersession were:
1. To pray against unbelief in the European Roma, God to touch them for salvation.
2. Prayer against racism. Roma against Roma. Roma and other nations.
3. God to lead Roma out of religion and to lead us towards life with Jesus.
4. God to lift up faithful, humble and hearing God Roma servants in Europe.
5. Breaking the curse of occult and sorcery.
6. Prayer for blessing of all Roma leaders and pastors in Europe in all areas.
7. To pray for unity of the Roma Body of Christ with all nations.
8. Roma people to be blessing for the nations.
9. Breaking the curse of poverty.
10. Blessing and prosperity over the Roma in Europe.
11. God to prepare the hearts of the believing Roma for reconciliation with other nations.
12. Prayer for blessing of the Roma in Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia, Kosovo, Greece, Turkey, Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia
and Herzegovina.
13. Lord, prepare us for Yourself.
14. The Holy Spirit to move mighty among the Roma in Europe for blessing, conviction and edification.
15. The power of the Holy Spirit to act with His gifts among the Roma.
It was a wonderful time of intercession and being before the Lord, pleading on behalf of the Roma people throughout Europe and especially in Bulgaria. We look forward to seeing what God will do in response to this time of unity and prayer. Please join with us as we continue to pray through these prayer points for the Roma of Europe. 
-Radko Kratsov

YWAM Bulgaria