As you may have heard, starting in April 2014, Megacities will begin in Kolkata, India!

Many teams and trainers will come to join in the great work already happening in Kolkata, as well as to seek God for new ways to reach the city and see a greater momentum towards city transformation.

In Kolkata, we stand on the shoulders of giants. I am reminded of William Carey, whose church still stands in Kolkata today. He said, “Expect great things from God. Attempt great things for God”. Carey and many others have “expected and attempted” great things in Kolkata.

Kolkata’s most well known servant was of course, Mother Teresa who is known worldwide. She was an apostle to the poor. Once interviewed by a journalist looking for a story he asked when she first felt called to the poor. Her response, “I never felt called to the poor”.

Jesus has called Megacities to focus on Kolkata. We had many invitations when a word from the Lord came through a YWAM leader who had just been there, to urgently consider Kolkata. I am convinced He wants to build on the effort of those who have gone before us, and now is the time! The entire Body of Christ there is coming together to welcome and work alongside Megacities teams. Our desire is to honour the faith and visionary efforts of those who have gone before us.

Kolkata is home to over 8 million Bengali people, one of the largest unreached people groups in the world. Over a million of these precious people live in extreme slum situations. The church is much smaller in comparison to every other major Indian city, with much of the city still having little, to no, Christian witness.

Rajan, YWAM city coordinator said:
“I’m really excited about Megacities coming to Kolkata. When I moved to Kolkata, God specifically talked to me about city transformation and I believe strongly that Megacities is going to transform the whole city of Kolkata. So I invite teams internationally, even from India to come and be part of what is going to happen in the city of Kolkata.”

Megacities has advance teams who prepare the city for the influx of many teams over the course of a year. Teams that choose to do their outreach with Megacities are placed in regions according to where their gift and focus will have maximum impact. All outreach teams are welcome; DTS, any second level school, staff and church teams will benefit from the city-wide vision and pre-established relationships.

Each team adds to building momentum over the course of the year. My experience is that as teams are welcomed into a city by believers in faith for God to move in greater ways, the effectiveness of each team is multiplied leading to greater results in terms of lives changed, salvation, discipleship and church mobilisation.

Markus Steffen, president of the UofN and base leader of YWAM Lausanne, said, “We are so thrilled for what God is doing through Megacities. Our teams had an amazing outreach and the way Megacities facilitates for the teams is adding so much to the fruitfulness. For the students to see a unified way of serving the well-being of a city is a wonderful approach.”

Would you consider sending outreach teams to Kolkata, starting in April of 2014 until March of 2015?

I believe your teams’ effort would increase momentum toward the transformation of the city. There is no limit to the number of teams you send or the size of teams, although teams of 8-10 have greater mobility and ease in moving around the city. Every kind of team has a place, and every kind of ministry is needed.

For further details please contact Rod and the team at or visit our website

Thanks for your consideration to send teams; let’s ignite a fire in one of our world’s great cities.

If we see change in Kolkata it will have an impact beyond India to surrounding nations, particularly Bangladesh. The University of the Nations diversity is key to this effort, as well as the great treasure of anointing of YWAM ministries worldwide.

I hope you can bring a team to Kolkata starting April 2014.

Bless you in all your local efforts. These are exciting days.

Shirley Brownhill
Megacities Director
YWAM Perth