Hello beautiful readers!
I am Coni from Constanta, Romania and I am 20 years old. I am so happy to be a part of this big YWAM family! It’s true that all things work together for good. I never thought that YWAM would become such a big part of my destiny, of my story, and impact my life in such a good way.
I grew up in a small village near Constanta, Romania, which is on the Black Sea. My life was very simple— a village life surrounded by a few simple people. I didn’t know what life in the city looked like. One day in my village, I saw a van with the YWAM logo on it and I had no idea who these people were, but they were there in my small village for us… for me! They started many programs with the village kids, including me. Their purpose was only to make God known in my small village and I can tell you, they did a great job! Besides that, they gave me an opportunity to learn and practice my English, as well. I never stopped attending their programs. They were there for the people. They were there for me, and this is how my life became a huge garden where all of them were sowing seeds.

Kings kids

When I turned 14, I finally finished school in the village and I dreamed of leaving my village. I wanted to know more and to grow in so many ways. Well, I moved and I started high school in the city of Constanta. Moving to the city was exciting and scary at the same time, but then I found YWAM Constanta and the people who used to sing songs about Jesus when I was a little girl in my village. I believe it wasn’t a coincidence, but a plan— God’s plan! I started to attend the King’s Kids program and to go to their community! In this place, I’ve found true friendships, and so much more. I’ve never thought that I would have so many people in my life, supporting and encouraging me! 

Kings kids

But growing up wasn’t that easy. Life teaches you lessons, and sometimes the struggles became so many throughout the year that having many people in my life wasn’t so good. It brought me pain when I saw them leaving— from my family, to others that I’ve shared life with. But, when seeds are sown, they grow into trees that need to be cared for and pruned. Then they will grow stronger and bare much fruit. This is how God is taking care of me.  He is loving on me so that I can grow! He is healing me from fear of  being abandoned and lonely. Like I said before, all things work together for good.

In all of this, God has given me a family— His family. They are there (with Him) for me in every moment. In my celebrations or sad moments, laughter or tears, I’ve started feeling that I am a part of them, too! Now we serve together the only powerful, almighty and awesome God. We are knowing Him and making Him known, and it’s a huge honor to serve Him, to obey Him and to give His love to others!

Kings kids

Now I am in Germany doing my DTS at YWAM Herrnhut, embracing the good things that God has prepared for me. I am so excited to partner with my best friend, my ‘“ride or die” God! I am so blessed to have YWAM Constanta shoulder-to-shoulder with me, backing me up while I’m on this journey. I’m so thankful to have them encouraging me and empowering me. I pray that our passion and love for God will be our ship into the world and into life!