Drive 2013 small
As we have had have had a vision for some time of seeing more leadership development and YWAM DNA in our region, we invited YWAMers from Central Europe for a two-week gathering called ”DRIVE 2013”.

We were very happy to have many from our region being a part of it. Around 35 people had the privilege to listen and process together with Stephe and Rite Mayers, our leaders in YWAM Europe. Stephe`s emphasis on teams and healthy team leadership was a great input for all of us. Rite`s creativity and inspiration was something that set a great standard. She also did a Pre-school seminar in the evenings, and a lot of people from local churches were blessed by that.

In week two, we were blessed by having Wolfgang Jani (Wolfi) teaching about coaching and ”good questions” that we should ask in our lives and in our teams. To conclude our time together, Carmelita Clarke led us through the Myers-Briggs personality test.

It was also a great encouragement and blessing to have Rita Pretorius with us for both weeks. She was teaching and serving in the area of hospitality. Anyone that has experienced her hospitality has had a wonderful taste of what she is truly about. She is a great woman of God.

Loren Cunningham, our founder, was able to invest in Drive 2013 from Kansas City via the Genesis video conference system. This was amazing, and we left the chat with many ”take-aways”. Lynn Green also joined us via Genesis, telling us stories about faith-steps he  has taken, and it was a time of refreshment for all of us.

Drive 2013 was the first leadership training that our community in Constanta has set up, and we know that it is just the start. We are now looking into ”Drive 2014”, so get ready to invest in your leadership.

We were blessed to be able to set this up for our region and we would love to have you come next time, for a time when leaders can come together and say we need one another. Times like these, when those that have gone before us give insights and pour out their lives, are times of gold. Drive 2013 was a time of gold, and so will be Drive 2014…

Go and lead the way!

Rune Saether

YWAM Constanta, Romania