It’s been already a few weeks since we heard these words being spoken by Carl at the CESG. His challenge to us was to use these words whenever we hear of a new opportunity… And I must say they have already had quite an impact on my life.

I spent over 10 years in this region, serving with YWAM, and doing so many different things along the way. Always willing to try something new and never quite knowing how it would turn out. Then something quite unexpected happened. God called me onward. I didn’t see that one coming. After some tears and some struggles and asking that all important question, “Is that really you God?” I knew God was calling me into something new, and that I would do that in a new way.

As many of you already know I moved last year to Thailand. It is exciting and sometimes scary to be learning a new language, a new culture, a new YWAM community/ region… and all that comes with a new country. BUT, I believe God sending me there after my time in Central Europe is bigger than just me and my life. I believe that God wants to see more partnerships in Central Europe, not just Western Europe partnering with us to see greater reach… But also Central Europe partnering with others to see His Kingdom come… and I believe I can play a role in that.ling me into something new, and that I would do that in a new way.

This month YWAM Thailand has been focusing on the country of Laos. We have been praying, seeking new connections, and sending teams there. Thailand is still greatly unreached, with less than 2% being Christian, and yet we are already focusing on our border country of Laos. Laos is still a communist nation and “closed” but as I have been praying and thinking, I believe that the nations here in Central Europe that were under communism for so long, may just have some special keys to help reach into Laos. So, can I ask you to pray and think and possibly partner with Laos?

It’s possible that God has been preparing this connection for quite some time. I believe that the years spent in communism here in Central Europe… as bad as they were… can still be redeemed and possibly impact a land where communism is still the power that rules.

If you would like more information or would like to share about a prayer time that you have had for Laos, please get in touch with Sam Sarvis or myself Rebecca Gibbons

So to remind us of Carl’s challenge: if God is laying on your heart something NEW, done in a NEW WAY, maybe with another nation (even a Western nation or far away nation), people group, YWAM location… anything that you feel you are to partner with… then we as Central Europe should be saying:

    “Do it! We love it! How can we help?” 

Soaring about the trees,
Rebecca Gibbons