Faith & Conflict Experience

A journey of prayer, and encountering historic enemies as well as training in how to bring the Gospel into places of war and conflict through peacemaking and forgiveness.


From September  16th to 22nd 2014 YWAM Bosnia Herzegovina, YWAM Ireland and the Central European Office are hosting the „Faith and Conflict experience” – a highly inspiring workshop and road trip through Bosnia Herzegovina, so you can get the real picture of the situation and see how you can engage with and be a part of bringing change in this part of Europe.

Faith and Conflict is a gathering that has been running for 10 years in Northern Ireland. This is the first time it is going to be held outside of Ireland. We will join with locals as well as people from all over Europe to pray for God’s deep peace and healing to be birthed afresh in the land of Bosnia. This will be a unique experience that will take us to Banja Luka in the Serb part of Bosnia, and Srebrenica which was made infamous for the massacre of Bosnian Muslims in 1995. There will be several days of training in Sarajevo, with various speakers including Jonny Clark of YWAM Ireland, as well as opportunities to meet and pray with local Christians in the city.

We will seek to create a sense of community in this journey of understanding and to challenge all of the participants to see how following Jesus will often lead us to be bridge builders in places of conflict.

It’s the first event of this kind in Bosnia and we are believing God will use this time to kick off new initiatives of rebuilding this nation and learning how to be bridge builders in situations of conflict.
A history of war and conflict in the Balkans has left deep scars in the people of Bosnia. Today Bosnia is divided in three distinct major ethnic groups: Muslims (40%), Catholics (15%) and Orthodox(31%), which is a cause of ongoing tensions in this small country of under 4 million people.

Have you ever considered sending a team to Bosnia or anywhere else in the Balkans? Has this event in Bosnia caught your attention? Would you like to get more insight and understanding in this region? Have you wanted to learn more about how conflict situations affect faith experience, and how faith impacts on conflict?

Then come and join us for the Faith and Conflict Experience!

Dates 16-22 September

Where: Starting in Banja Luka, and then ending Sarajevo, Bosnia Herzegovina


Cost: €150*


*price includes all food, transport from Banja Luka to Sarajevo, to Srebrenica and back and accommodation in churches from the 16th to the 23rd.


Other pricing options:


Own transport: €100


Own accommodation: €100


Own transport/own accommodation: €50


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