Dear Central Europe YWAM family, 

We welcome you to our next family gathering in Vajta, Hungary

This year’s theme is Eyes on Jesus. Since our last staff gathering we have been through Covid, war breaking out in Ukraine and other situations. With life’s uncertainty one thing is certain: That Jesus is the solid rock we can stand on. Jesus is central.  Let’s learn to live and breathe with our eyes on Jesus, keeping a steady gaze on Him. We want to see the way He sees, perceive and dream the way He does, discern and breathe refreshment into others’ lives as He does. 

We believe there is a new prophetic season ahead of us. As ACT, Core and Legacy Elders we have been seeking God. He has been speaking words of Hope, Getting Ready, New Wine Skins, Young People Impacting the Nations, Stones, Bridges, Nets and Waves. Here we go. Let’s keep our Eyes on Jesus as we move forward into the future. We would like to see you all there with an expectation of what the new season will bring and what the Lord is going to do in us and through us in the coming years. Please feel free to invite your youth groups, Kings Kids groups and Royal Rangers groups, YWAMers in the different spheres of society, and others. We as YWAM Central Europe love to be inclusive and love to share what we have with family and friends. You are also invited if you are a volunteer or part time staff. In this year’s family gathering we are all family and you are invited!  

Please fill in the registration form for all family members attending. The conference center requires this.

Registration closes on 3rd May


Pricing age 18-100:
Dormitory style room                    HUF:  51,000 (130 Euro)
Family room/shared apartment    HUF:  59,000 (150 Euro)

Children age 10-18:
Dormitory style room                   HUF: 48,000 (123 Euro)
Family room/shared apartment   HUF: 56,000  (143 Euro)

Children age 3-9:
Dormitory style room                   HUF: 24,000 (61 Euro)
Family room/shared apartment   HUF: 29,000 (75 Euro)

Children 0 – 2                              Free

All registration fee to be paid in Hungarian Forint  (HUF)

Basic information 
Thursday 1st June – Registration open at 3pm
Monday 5th June – Conference finish after breakfast 




Coffee Cups