So, Bec leaves tomorrow after being here here in Banja Luka almost two weeks, and while she has been here we have been busy beavers. Besides running two cultural nights at EKC Ihtus and moving most of the stuff for H.O. MOST/Christian Fellowship Church to a new location (we have until the end of June to get out and Bec was a GREAT help), we have been working hard on communications stuff.

Bec and I have been working together for 5 years as the “communications team” for YWAM in Central Europe. We worked mostly virtually – she lived in Czech and I here in Bosnia, and then together at conferences and workshops, etc. Now that she is no longer in the region (she is working with YWAM in Thailand) we have been working on ways to do more stuff automatically – setting up systems so that I can do most of what she did without it being (that much) more work for me… and for Carmelita, the YWAM Central European director as well.

 And in the end we have got much more communications bang for our buck. She is busy working on a website for the region that will just be updated automatically (I just did a bit of proof reading). This means it is minimal work for me. YAY! We set up a new mailing list for the region which is MUCH more user friendly than the one we had until now. We then decided to put up this blog which will be linked to that website. We also set up twitter and connected it to our facebook page. In fact the blog is also connected, so if anything goes on here, it is automatically sent to twitter and facebook. And we managed to do all this for free… (well, actually, the website is paid for, but everything else is free), which is pretty amazing!

 Now, we just have to motivate people in the Central European region to get their stories and articles out there, and we will be in business!!

 So even though it is sad to see Bec go, she is leaving a HUGE communication legacy in this region! (and we will continue to stay in touch as we did before, via email, skype and facebook!)…

-Belinda Chaplin in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina