As I celebrate 10 years of being in YWAM I am looking back and thinking what made me stay, what made me find my place in YWAM? And one of the first thinks coming to my mind were: people invested in me, I found here a place where I can grow, learn, develop… YWAM gave me value. And this is what we want to continue do for young leaders coming in YWAM.  

B2B is one of this tools that we have in YWAM for young, emerging leaders to grow. After many years, the second B2B took place this year in Romania and we had 18 participants from all the bases in the country. What made it very special was the fact that our staff team included people from different bases, from the national leadership team, a convener, some of our elders in the region and we benefited from the experience of amazing leaders. We have seen God working in our lives and in the leadership of the participants.

Here are some of the testimonies from the participants:

„In this course you learn not only things about leading others, but also leading yourself, how to start practically and plus there is a great time of fellowship, and learning from each other!”

“B2B is like a refreshing rain in your personal development if you are open for what God has for you!”

“This experience helped me grow and develop my abilities as leader, I will keep hold of them my whole life!”

“It was an amazing experience with lots of fulfilling moments!”
We are already planning our next B2B for March 2019, so stay tuned! 😊

Tabita Huluban, 
YWAM Romania