Leaders from the various countries in our region make of the Area Circle Team (ACT).  A smaller group within the ACT work together as the core circle and two people are the area conveners.  Their purpose is to convene the leaders together regularly and to represent our region.


The Core circle’s role includes the following mandates: 

  •  Bringing together necessary people for specific purposes be it a meeting, one of our area gatherings, a specific project, etc 
  • Encouraging local function rather than top down function. For instance: in a crisis or in new initiatives, the Convener/Core Circle need to know, but may never touch the situation, allowing people closer to the situation to handle it where necessary 
  • Acting as a “switchboard operator”- directing needs to appropriate people who can help 
  • Making sure that key processes, projects, and outcomes are accomplished but doesn’t always do them themselves 
  • To discern God’s voice together on behalf of the region and also to discern how to apply the words and insights that are being given from God from the Founder’s Circle and other Field and Global leadership bodies. 

To contact the core circle or the ACT please email us