A way we define ourselves as YWAM-ers is that we are people of travels. I don’t know when you traveled last through mountains, but because you are a YWAM-er it should not take you long to remember. I will like you to go back and think about that trip, and the many curves you had to go through. Imagine the moment you went through each curve, without knowing what comes next, without having a GPS to show you what is after that curve. I think that life in ministry sometimes is like driving through each curve without seeing the route you go on. We know this: that we have to go forward and not get tired, even when we just passed a curve and we see ahead another one.   

“ABC Leadership” was an intensive course which helped the students to see the map of their “road”. As leader, I think we need sometimes to know where we go or to recognize different stages we go through. We started our journey with 11 students with the aim to take their eyes from the “road”, and help them create an overview of the life Jesus has for them. We went through four important modules in the course: the character of a leader in theory and practice, vision and strategy, the work of the leader (what a leader does) and testimonies from different leaders in different areas of society.   Beyond this topics, the biggest joy I had was that we managed to create a family atmosphere, were open and honest questions were asked and answered. This setting where learning is possible in a deeper level blessed me as a course leader. 

While the students enjoyed their time with Jesus, enjoyed the map of their “road” and an environment where they could learn, I enjoyed seeing the impact and the enthusiasm people have when they start to build a plan for their life and future steps. Because of this we want to continue with this course and help other young leaders stop and “watch” the map of their “road”.   
The leadership course was like a map received to help me rich my destination, help me fulfill my vision”. (Flori, student)

For me, the leadership course was a time were God spoke me about me calling, when I discovered that I am a leader, I discovered my gifts and I decided to dedicate my life to God.” (Geo, student).  
Florin Mihaly, ELS Ministries , Cluj Napoca