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The Area Circle Team is the team that leads and elders Youth With a Mission in Central Europe. We love to see our communities and teams grow and flourish. We will do what we can to ensure that the communities in our area are healthy and strong.

Leadership Structure in CE Area

As an area, we are led by the ACT with a Core Circle an operative unit. We also have a support fusion with elders that are no longer in line leadership that can be used for input and guidance.


Meet the ACT Members

The ACT are people serving in different capacities around our area and forming a leadership and eldership for our mission. To get in touch with them, please email ACT@ywamce.com. Here you can meet them as well. 


Core Circle (CC)

The Core Circle is the convening team for YWAM Central Europe. Each member is also a member of the ACT. Their role includes leading and serving the area with a wider capacity than the ACT. To make contact, please email us at ce.convener@ywamce.com.


The ACT Mandate

ACT Mandate (20-25 people including the CC):
This Mandate for our Central European ACT defines the broad leadership responsibilities
that our ACT members will carry out as they support and guide YWAM in our area. It is
meant to be carried out in a way that honors and upholds the Foundational Values of YWAM,
with particular emphasis on support for where we are and vision for where we are not.

A. Everyone on the ACT all of the time:
➢ Listening for God corporately for the Area
➢ Fulfilling a Priestly function of Prayer and Spiritual Covering
➢ Representing the Area and Networking both inside and outside of YWAM

B. Everyone on the ACT some of the time:
➢ Providing support for our Staff, Leaders, and Teams whenever possible
➢ Vision for where we are not: Inspiring New Ministry/Pioneering
➢ Encouraging New Ministry and Pioneering efforts
➢ Empowering/Releasing Circles, Teams, and Leaders in different areas
➢ Bringing healthy accountability to each other and to the staff in the area
➢ Gathering people together
➢ Providing effective Communication

C. Specific people when needed:
➢ Giving input on Crises, Conflicts, moral and ethical Concerns
➢ Advising and giving counsel when needed

Core Circle Mandate (4-6 people):

As the Core Circle members are part of the ACT, they, too, carry responsibility for the ACT.
Mandate and have the following additional responsibilities:
➢ Represent the Area to the Field Leadership Team. Two of the Core Circle members will
be assigned to this role.
➢ Convene the ACT as needed for meetings and gatherings.
➢ Make the agenda for the ACT meetings.
➢ Provide an additional layer of accountability for the ACT to help ensure that the ACT is
fulfilling its mandate.
➢ Help ensure that boundaries and levels of delegation are clear for ACT working groups
and Circles.
➢ Make the final decisions when needed to keep things moving forward.
➢ Guide the process in making changes/additions to the ACT and CC membership or their
respective mandates.

How We Function Practically: 

Authority and Responsibility: 

The ACT is the primary leadership (or eldership) body for the CE Area.

The ACT carries responsibility for fulfilling the ACT mandate.

The ACT is empowered and released to fulfill the mandate with some checks and  balances in place. 

The CC members are also members of the ACT. 

The CC carries some additional responsibilities which are described in a separate  mandate.  

We value everyone on the ACT having the opportunity to give input and be involved in  decision-making processes as much as possible. 

In order for us to keep moving forward, and in such cases as crises or conflicts, the CC  has the authority to make the final decision or to act quickly. This is not to keep the  decision-making power in the CC but rather to serve the process. This authority must be  characterized by servant-leadership with trusting relationships at the foundation.  



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