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YWAM Central Europe Member Care Staff

Meet our Member Care Team

These amazing people are serving Central Europe with Member Care. They are located in different locations around the area, have different giftings, and experiences. Feel free to contact them.



Member Care / Budapest

Janice, a single Member Care provider for Central Europe, lives in Hungary and is part of the YWAM base in Budapest.  

Having lived in the Balkans for nearly eight years, her passion is to come alongside those who are working in isolated areas or in small teams. By offering support, debriefing, and assistance in processing, she hopes to help workers who are experiencing loneliness, isolation, conflict, or who are simply struggling with the daily challenges of living overseas. Through active listening, processing, compassion and caring, it is her goal to see workers thrive in their locations and move past the hurdles that hinder their growth. 

Janice holds a BA degree in Psychology and a MA degree in Elementary Education with a minor in Psychology. Her DTS was completed at King’s Lodge in 2003. Since then, she has lived in Bosnia, South Korea, Israel, and Austria. She has completed YWAM’s Member Care Foundations Course (MCFC) and YWAM’s Author School in Slovakia. Janice enjoys meeting new people and hearing their stories, writing, traveling, and long conversations over coffee. 

Tim & Caroline

Tim & Caroline

Member Care / Romania

Tim & Caroline Bailey are Member Care providers living in Romania.

They have been a part of YWAM since 2007 and have been living in Romania since 2012, speaking both English and Romanian. They are foster/adoptive parents with a house full of fantastic kids!

Their desire is to see people thriving in the calling that God has for them. Tim & Caroline are equipped to offer coaching, debriefing, personal retreats, and training on self-care and parenting — with a focus on parenting children who have suffered trauma.

Caroline holds a Bachelor of Social Work degree and enjoys sharing delicious meals with people. She is passionate about seeing people develop to their fullest potential and thrive with their unique gifts & personality! 

Tim is currently pursuing a degree in Theological Studies. He is passionate about helping people process and find their own solutions to the challenges they are facing. He also enjoys woodworking and is currently restoring their historical Saxon home. 

They both enjoy the outdoors, traveling, games, and a cozy cup of coffee. 

They look forward to hosting you at their beautiful retreat space located in the medieval city of Sighisoara, Romania!



Member Care / Constanta

Sandra is from Brazil and she has been working as a full-time missionary for 13 years. In 2010, she joined YWAM in South Africa and has been serving with YWAM ever since. She has been working with both youth and adults through mentoring and counseling to help them deal with their struggles, both in-person and digitally. For the last five years, Sandra has been serving in Eastern Europe, based in Constanta, Romania. 

She has a degree in Theology, and in thinking of how she could improve her skills to more effectively help people in the mission field, she did the Member Care Foundation Course in 2018.  Since then, she has been providing Member Care in her local YWAM community, and she is part of the Member Care Circle in YWAM Central Europe. 

People are her passion. She loves to see them thriving and growing — overcoming their limits and finding their purpose in life. She loves a chat over coffee, photography, traveling, cooking for people, and enjoying a good meal around the table.



Member Care / Central Europe

Hannes has been YWAM staff since 1990. He met his wife on the M/V Anastasis and they have two grown children.

After serving 7 years in Harpenden, England— with a focus on Frontier Missions and discipleship — they lived and ministered for 10 years in Albania. They served as Member Care staff in Albania, and for three of those years they were in a national leadership role. Since 2010, they have coordinated the Member Care Circle for YWAM Central Europe.

Hannes and his wife both have a diploma in Missiological and Inter-cultural Studies from All Nations Christian College in the UK.

Hannes’s heart is to come alongside YWAM staff and encourage them, and his passions include good cups of tea and contemplative spirituality.



Member Care / Hungary

Heidi has been living in Hungary since 2008 and is part of the Member Care Circle for the region. She is passionate about the God-given calling and potential of every person and the strength of healthy and thriving teams. She loves to coach, debrief, develop, and equip.

Before she joined YWAM, she worked as a nurse. In 2012, she did a lay-coach training and greatly enjoys coaching. Her involvement as staff in the Leadership Development Course (LDC) deepened her desire to support individuals and teams so that they can grow, develop, and serve well — with joy and longevity. Currently, she is part of the core team for the Member Care Foundations Course (MCFC) in Europe.

Heidi worked for many years with the School of Biblical Studies (SBS) which deeply shaped her love for God and her worldview. She speaks English, Hungarian, and German, and she loves to listen to your stories, dreams, concerns, challenges, and hopes.





Member Care / Bulgaria

Bodil Ovesen, from Norway, did her DTS in the north of Norway in 1990, with her outreach in Greece and Bulgaria.

She has been living and serving in Bulgaria since 1992 and speaks English, Norwegian, and Bulgarian.

Her passion is to help and support individuals and teams to succeed and thrive in the calling God has for them through one-on-ones, encouragements, processing, etc.

Bodil has completed YWAM’s School of Missions, Leadership Training School, Introduction to Biblical Counseling, and Leadership Development Course. She did the Member Care Foundations Course in Prod, Romania in 2018 and has since been serving as staff on the course.

Bodil is serving as Convener for YWAM Bulgaria and is serving on the Central European Member Care Circle in Central Europe. 

She enjoys listening to people’s stories while taking a walk or enjoying a cup of coffee together.




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