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Fast facts about Serbia

Languages: Serbian
Capital: Belgrade
Population: 7,186,862
Drive on the: Right
Currency: Serbian Dinar (RSD)

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About Serbia

Serbia – Officially the Republic of Serbia, is landlocked, and surrounded by Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Croatia, and Kosovo. The Serbian kingdom obtained recognition by Rome and the Byzantine empire in 1217. By the mid 16th century it had been annexed by the Ottoman empire. Through 500 years of occupation by the Ottoman empire, Balkan wars,  WW1 & WW2, Communism in Yugoslavia, and the breakup of Communism, we arrive at the current Serbian state.


YWAM in Serbia

YWAM Uzice Serbia
Contact Information
Official Base Name: Youth With A Mission Uzice Serbia
City: Uzice
Base Leadership: Andrew and Lydia Vaughan & Chris and Mirjam Klop
Primary Email:
Alternative Email:
Primary Phone: +381690364707
Alternative Phone:  +381656781473
Staff Opportunities
Cafe / Ministry Centre staff
DTS school staff
Intercession coordinator
Social media / Webmaster
Church Planter