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Fast facts about Kosovo

Languages: Albanian, Serbian
Capital: Prishtina
Population: 1,733,872
Drive on the: Right
Currency: Euro ( € )

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About Kosovo

Kosovo came to the world’s attention in 1999 after the ethnic cleansing of it’s majority Albanian population and the ensuing bombing of Serbia by NATO made headlines world-wide. This war was only the most recent of many in this troubled corner of the Balkans. Kosovo remains officially a province of Serbia, although since 1999 it has been administered by the United Nations, who have been transferring power over to the Kosovo Government. Talks on final political status are now beginning between Kosovo and Serbia, presided over by UN special envoy, Maart Ahtisaari. Kosovar Serbs are hoping to remain part of Serbia while Kosovar Albanians overwhelmingly desire independence. People have grown increasingly frustrated with the unresolved status of the province and the state of the economy. Fifty percent of the population is now living below the poverty line with fifteen percent in extreme poverty (less than $0.93 per day).

There are currently around 25 Protestant (Evangelical) churches in Kosovo, all of which opened since 1985, with most opening after the end of the war in 1999. Many Kosovar Albanians fed to Albania as refugees during the crisis and were cared for by churches. Some of these returned to Kosovo themselves as believers! After a time of growth, there is now great need for discipleship and stability within the small Church.


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