Mandate: Our mandate is to train, equip, and be a resource for DTS in Central Europe.

Our team is made up of people with a heart to serve DTS’s in our area. We are here to help equip and resource DTS’s and see them grow in quality and size. We do this by helping to train DTS staff and leaders through DTS Workshops or staff training, and by gathering DTS leaders to partner together and network across and outside of Central Europe.

As Darlene Cunningham says, “As goes the DTS, so goes the mission!” Our desire is to help you to run a successful and quality DTS program. Please contact us at centraleuropedts@gmail.com with any questions or suggestions of how we can support you and your location.


Picture DTS Resource Team

Our team: Arlen Stoltzfus: Regional Coordinator
Jarod and Bexi Graham, Vane Arsov, Steve Rudd, Chris and Mirjam Klop