Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina Sarajevo Pristina, Kosova Pristina Prague, Czech Republic Prague Krakow, Poland Krakow Athens, Greece Athens
Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina
Pristina, Kosova
Prague, Czech Republic
Krakow, Poland
Athens, Greece
  • The Initiative

    5 Cities. 2 Years.  Support. Establish. Transform.

    The 5 Cities Initiative seeks to partner people and resources with needs and opportunities in 5 key Central European cities. The goal is to see long term, sustainable, transformational YWAM ministry locations in these 5 cities within the next 2 years. The initiative focuses on supporting and strengthening existing teams and ministries in the 5 cities, establishing new teams and ministries, and helping to transform these cities for the Kingdom of God. The Initiative focuses on: Krakow, Poland  |  Prague, Czech Republic  |  Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina  |  Pristina, Kosovo  |  Athens, Greece Read More
  • Athens

    As one of the world's oldest cities (it's history dates back about 3,400 years!), Athens has long been called the cradle of Western Civilization and the birthplace of democracy. It is the capital of Greece and is famous for its historical contributions to the arts, philosophy, athletics, and learning. A thoroughly modern city with a long and famous past, Athens is now a cosmopolitan capital of some 4 million people. Although reminders of its glorious history are everywhere, Athens is a city facing very modern issues including major political and economic crises that have shaken the entire nation of Greece and affected the EU as well. Greece is staunchly Orthodox, with deeply ingrained values and traditions. As is the case in many countries in this region, religion and nationality are very intertwined. Greeks are proud of their country and their heritage. YWAM has a long history of Read More
  • Krakow

    This gracious and beautiful city is the second largest in Poland and an important hub of cultural and artistic expression. Considered the unofficial cultural capital of Poland, it is a city filled with gorgeous architecture, parks, museums and theaters. It is a major economic hub and hosts many universities and about 170,000 students. Krakow dates back to the 7th century and has played an important part in Polish history. The small YWAM team in Krakow is a young, multi-cultural, and dynamic team that is focused on building relationships with the local churches and starting a DTS program. Their vision is to see churches mobilized, people come to Christ, and the gospel transform this beautiful, historic city into a place of vibrant Christian faith. One YWAMer describes the city this way, "Living in Krakow is great due to the activity of the city. Almost every day there is a concert Read More
  • Prague

    The capital city of the Czech Republic, Prague has been a political, cultural, and economic center of central Europe for over 1,000 years. Known for its gorgeous architecture and rich cultural and intellectual heritage, Prague is a very popular tourist city. It is the 6th most visited city in Europe. While Czech people are proud of their beautiful capital and the history it represents, they have almost completely forgotten that Prague has a rich Christian history as well. Prague was the home of the famous church reformer Jan Hus (John Huss) who was martyred in 1415 for his beliefs. In Prague's main old town square stands a memorial statue for Jan Hus, but most Czech people think of him only as a Czech person who fought for freedom. Prague has almost entirely forgotten its Christian roots. It is time for Prague to re-discover its heritage! The goal of YWAM Prague is to see the ancie Read More
  • Pristina

    As the capital of the second newest country in the world, Pristina is a growing city finds its own vibe and flavor. The large yellow statue in the city center that spells out NEWBORN is a fitting symbol for a nation that has only been independent since 2008. The population is mainly ethnically Albanian and the major religion is Islam. There is freedom of religion and most Muslims in Kosovo are not devoutly practicing Muslims. Though hampered by a slow economy and by the long road to becoming a sovereign nation, Kosovo is proud to be independent. Pristina has a population of around 200,000 people and is home to the University of Pristina where almost 50,000 young people are studying. Currently there are few ministries to these young people who are very open to the West and love to meet people from other places. One of the most popular things to do in Kosovo is to drink coffee in the ev Read More
  • Sarajevo

    Nestled in a narrow valley amongst high green hills, the red roofed city of Sarajevo has long been famous for its cultural and religious diversity. It is the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina and traces its roots back to the Ottoman Empire under which it was founded in 1461. Its Turkish roots are evident in the winding streets of the Turkish old town, the picturesque mosques, and the delicious Turkish influenced food and strong coffee often enjoyed at outdoor cafes. Sarajevo is often called the "Jerusalem of Europe" because practitioners of Islam, Orthodoxy, Catholicism and Judaism have lived side by side for centuries. It's history has been one marred by ethnic and religious conflict on all sides. Sarajevo endured a brutal four year siege from 1992-1996 during the Bosnian War for Independence, and bullet holes are still visible in many buildings. The city has a vibrancy that has not Read More

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